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That used to be one of his goals, but work changed that. One reason Super Meat Boy was released on PS4 and Vita was to expose the game to people who somehow missed it on other platforms. Fat Prinny recently started speedrunning trophy unlocks, trying to burn through them as fast as possible. He was forced to set the controller down after one night of frustrating runs, but after sleeping on it, he was able to buzz through the end. Also, nobody at the time knew what to do to get the trophy, so I had to do most of the planning, researching, and documenting on the game myself in order to acquire it.

Trophy hunting has, so far, been a solo endeavor for Fat Prinny, but he wants to help others, too. Fat Prinny believes unlocking trophies and challenging yourself can bleed over into your real-life. Having that kind of mentality is usually pretty self-fulfilling, so I do encourage people to try looking at difficult games in a different manner. It can really make a difference on your performance, as well as other aspects in your life. One is a good one and the another a bad, they are fighting against each other.

Excellent Article. I wish something like this article was around earlier in my fight in this struggle. I feel impressed to share strategies I had come up with on my own before I really understood how porn effects the mind. Now in the beginning I noticed I pretty much gave in to the impulse immediately, so step 1 was to resist the impulse as long as possible before giving in.

Sometimes it was 5 min.

Leslie Jamison’s “The Recovering” and the Stories We Tell About Drinking

I adopted the idea that every minute counts in resistance. But I soon discovered that sometimes, hell many times a week or 2 of victory would be followed by what ive come to call the Binge. During the binge I would give in to my impulse at least times a day for a week or more before I could get a hold of my self again. At first I was tempted to accept this as how my life would be, weeks of freedom, then Binge, repeat until death. So during a Binge I would do anything I could to prevent or reduce the number of times I would give in.

So setting goals like only giving in times a day, limiting the hours of the day in give in, limiting how many days the binge lasted, limiting the categories of porn I watched, limiting myself to only pictures. I know this is ridiculous but as in any war sometimes you have to do what ever you have to. I did mention that some of these maybe ridiculous right. Thank you for the must-read article. Very helpful! The pictured image is quite disgusting so the erotic fantasy in mind can be abruptly ended. If interested in this approach, you can Google Image with those two Chinese phrases.

Of course, your name and the source will be mentioned. Thanks again!! Question: Does the bible condemn pologomy as sin?

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Abraham had more than many others. Reason for the question is that if a man desires to be with more than one woman his he allowed to without his conscience bitten down by religious bible badgers. Nowhere does the Bible condemn polygamy outright, but it does show, again and again, how those who engaged in polygamy were caught in unwise traps as a result—even most of the examples of polygamy from various patriarchs and kings are actually negative examples.

The Law of Moses allowed for polygamy provided certain regulations were met Exodus ; Deuteronomy —17; —10 , and in most cases, and compared to some of the risks of widowhood, infertility, or famine, polygamy had and has some advantages in specific circumstances. For this reason, when Christian missionaries enter into an area where polygamy is practiced, the proper response is not to tell men to start kicking their 2nd and 3rd and 19th wives to the curb. These are legitimate marriages that ought to be honored.

That said, the Law of Moses also spoke about the trouble associated with multiple wives Deuteronomy —again, not as a sin issue but a wisdom issue. Accruing multiple wives is often associated with a covetous spirit, and sure enough, those who gathered more and more wives were often men of power who were controlled by all kinds of lusts.

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Polygamy was often a power-play or a sign of serious discontentment. I would never counsel a person to take more than one wife because Scripture speaks of lack of wisdom in it. Not only does porn destroys your willpower it also destroys your personality? Where can I find information to research this subject. It would be nice to know how porn does affect your personality.

Thank you and God bless you richly. It is good news to know that science gives us an understanding of the decietful heart because previously sexual sinners had to struggled without that information.

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And that we have an effective method that will overcome sexual sin without true conviction and true repentance. As I write in another article on this topic :. More often than not, when Christians respond negatively to recent developments in neuroscience, the fear is that by dissecting the organ of all our feelings, thoughts, and decisions, we will somehow lose our belief in moral responsibility. My brain made me do it.

The field of neuroscience is actually bringing a much older conversation to the foreground, a conversation that has been present in addiction recovery circles for the better part of 80 years: Is addiction a disease? Bill Wilson, the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, was among the first who likened alcoholism to a disease. It was a pragmatic description: he felt the disease metaphor helped men and women open up about their problems.

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Once you were in the doors of many AA meetings, however, it was clear that while the problem could be described as a sickness, moral responsibility was never lost. The men and women at AA still felt the moral weight of their decisions. Christian counselor Ed Welch points out that the Bible itself uses the disease metaphor when talking about sin.

Jeanette Winterson and Will Power on Changing Our Fates |

Citing passages like Isaiah and , he states that Scripture emphasizes that sin has many things in common with a disease. Like a disease, sin affects our entire being, it is painful, it leads to death, and it is absolutely tragic Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave , However, the Bible never loses sight of moral responsibility. Alcoholism and porn addiction are a lot like diseases—they feel as if we have been taken over by a virus, making us spiral out of control—but it is a voluntary slavery.

All sin is simultaneously pitiable slavery and overt rebelliousness or selfishness. This is a paradox, to be sure, but one that is the very essence of all sinful habits. Just like the Bible, as Christians we can and should speak of slavery to porn as a sickness, but a sickness we have chosen. Disease is a good metaphor for sin, but it is not the only metaphor….

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Sin, at its root, is idolatry in the heart. Disease is not just a metaphor for sin. In a very real sense, porn actually makes our brains sick. Perhaps modern neuroscience is unearthing a significant way in which sexual sin hurts us. The use if neuroscientific explanation is admirable. Finally, after years of struggle,doubt,guilt,shame and regret, I am finally beginning to understand the negative impacts this disgusting habit has on my mentality and also my faith.

I always could feel my heart being blackened by the abundance of my sins.

Chris Diamond

The sexual lust was always eating me up. I used porn as an escape from the realities of life. But I was never satisfied. Instead, the urge always intensitied after each relapse. The article exactly highlights this aspect. I request all of you to pray for my forgiveness. And that may the God gives me the required strength of character to defeat this evil. And all my brothers and sisters abstain from this habit. But I am very eager to ask that how long will it take for my brain to return to its former state.

I have relapsed so many times and I now am feeling kind if hopeless. If I had a target in my mind , may be it could serve as a motivation that after controlling my urge for a particular peridc of time, the potency of this addiction will decrease? This article is really making an impact on me as I read through it… I became a masturbator at the age of 12 and now am abt 26 years of age, a chronic masturbator.. All these befell me due to my parents divorce, it causes me pain.. On getting into secondary school where I lived in the hostel… My family worries overwhelm me living me wif sleepless night and depression… I got into porn, I thought I had found review, reading porn magazines and images set a path of self, body, mind and soul depression for me… I feel really bad each time I masturbate cos of the emptiness I feel in me..

Now I am determined to stop this addiction and habbit cos Its eating me up..

How to get the power to achieve your goals? By Sandeep Maheshwari (in Hindi)

Thank you for giving us hope that our neural systems can improve over time if we make conscious steps to re-direct ourselves.