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Rose claimed his sympathies were with the girl, whom he metaphorically viewed as the individual defiled by society. But the image as an image is what Williams, combining his twin backgrounds in hot-rod toons and underground comix, painted it to be: lurid and titillating, a highly eroticised depiction of rape as a kind of psychedelic, mechanical pin-up fantasy. On Appetite , their best tendencies were still fuelled by their worst. They were a band driven by the poison undeniably already present in their veins, not yet debilitated by it. Appetite is not a record for which one can or should make apologies.

It is frequently unforgivable. Aptly, however, it opens with a riff that feels more like approaching gunfire. Right away it tells you what an astonishingly good band this lot are. The rhythm section is locked in tight, the sound is glued together by second guitarist and principal songwriter Izzy Stradlin, and the two frontmen can jitter, howl and sprawl around it as they please. The riffs at times border on metal.

The energy not only feels but almost smells like punk rock. The whole is a feral, swirling, serrated thing with tunes and colours popping off it like fireworks. This, no question, is going to be quite something. But they were a sight shrewder than that. The longing to return to a place so much better and gentler than the rabid cesspit described in the verses.

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But a little sentimentality goes a long way; especially when you put all the rancour in the album tracks and the sighing and swooning in the biggest hit. Taken on their own, any one of these songs might just be standard-issue macho posturing. This is not a nice album. It was not made by nice people. It is an extraordinary, and ugly, and sensational album that could not conceivably have been made by anyone other than awful people.

There was no encore. Siggers had been so badly disfigured that he was only identifiable from his tiger and scorpion tattoos. I saw these two faces go up, and then go down. No matter how much pre-planning is put into such events, no one can predict how an audience — especially one that is pumped up on alcohol, adrenaline and other substances — will react when their idols take to the stage.

And it would be two years before promoter Maurice Jones was granted another music license. It is impossible to determine whether the two kids Axl saw were indeed Dick and Siggers, simply due to the fact that their mangled bodies were rendered unidentifiable. They were unconscious, and more people kept falling on them. We stopped the show a few times and they finally pulled the last couple of people out and I think they were dead. I saw no life in those bodies at all. Axl can also be seen wearing a St. Axl had apparently been unable to contain himself and had broken down in tears when the girl ended their brief dalliance outside The Roxy.

There is also a third version of the song which never made it beyond the demo stage, having been recorded during the Appetite For Destruction sessions in The recurring dream, however, always descends into a nightmare, with the ethereal beauty committing suicide by shooting herself in the head whilst dancing to one of his songs. And there was no need to worry about Axl after all. European Tour, singer is seen huddled atop a wardrobe as the officers carry out a torch-lit search of the seemingly otherwise empty abode. So it came as something of a surprise when their drummer, Mark Michals, announced he was going out for a night on the tiles with Axl and co.

Michals woke up just as the two were about to bundle him into the open elevator, but his pleas for help were quickly stifled with more gaffer tape and he was express-delivered down to reception. The overlyenthusiastic Nottingham fans were so thrilled to have the Gunners playing in their town they showed their appreciation by attempting to topple the tour bus. The final show was at the Hammersmith Odeon, which — thanks to the likes of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden — had come to be regarded as the Mecca of the British Metal scene. In September, , it seemed everything in the garden would turn out rosy after all when Erin discovered she was pregnant.

This was only one of several such threats. But there was little doubt the union was destined for the law courts when, two months later, Axl beat Erin so badly that she was hospitalised. The final straw for Erin came in November when Axl flared up over her having cleaned his CD collection.

10. Dust N’ Bones

The marriage was annulled two months later in January, That said, however, Axl was not prepared to move on, and constantly tried to renew contact with Erin by sending letters, flowers and even caged birds to her condo in the San Fernando Valley. This, of course, was long before the O. She has since got her life back on track by marrying Jack Portman, and in she gave birth to their son Easton. In truth, The Fartz was just one of several punk bands which Duff played with — this time as the drummer — before making the move from Seattle to Los Angeles. The outspoken, and oft confronta- 90 Encyclopaedia ways, leaving little more than a lingering smell in their wake.

Fastbacks, The The Fastbacks was yet another Seattle Punk band which, despite enjoying a longevity lasting some twenty-two years and taking them into the new millennium, would 92 Encyclopaedia and at 17, square feet was the largest banquet facility west of Chicago. In July the following year, a sports club, also owned by Fender, was closed down as part of a city crackdown on the cocaine rings operating in Long Beach.

It was reported that undercover officers had purchased cocaine from five employees working at the Players Sports Club on nearby Linden Avenue. Indeed, any self-respecting punk or metal band that came to, or spilled out of, Los Angeles was proud to strut their stuff on stage at the onestorey converted car garage which had once belonged to the adjoining five-storey Lafayette Hotel, which in turn was subsequently renovated into luxury condos.

The first, on 15 November, was as special guests for a reconstituted Dead Boys, while the second came six days later opening for Cheap Trick. The show was a harmonious affair, but in , while the Gunners were and late-night drunken fights, the writing was on the wall and the ballroom closed its doors later that same year. Needless to say, Slash proved the victor, whereas Nielson proved a sore loser, and drunkenly assaulted the band.

The fight was brought to a swift conclusion when Izzy felled the aging rocker with a swift kick to the balls.

And somewhat unbelievably, although none of the acts that subsequently performed at the show had been finalised by the time the tickets went on sale the following month, all 72, sold out in just two hours. The occasion provided Axl with the opportunity to fulfil a longcherished ambition in performing a duet with his idol Elton John.


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Louise, Missouri. Warner Bros. It is perhaps not surprising, given his father was the conductor in the Disneyland Band and his mother was a classically-trained pianist, that young Josh developed an interest in music.

By the age of 15, however, he had bid a fond farewell to Mickey, Donald and Goofy et al, and began touring and recording with The Vandals. He has been the permanent drummer with electropunk outfit Devo since Although Freese was born in Orlando, Florida on 25 December, , he has lived in Southern California since he was 6 months old. Having risen to the position of agent, Geffen left WMA to set himself up as a personal manager and achieved immediate success with composer and lyricist, Laura Nyro, and folk rockers Crosby, Stills and Nash.

After graduating from New Utrecht High School, he enrolled at the University of Texas in Austin, but dropped out again soon after, and having no desire to follow his older brother Mitchell into law, set his sights on a career in the entertainment industry. Although his first job was as a lowly clerk in the William Morris Agency mailroom, it was the first rung on the ladder to success. Incidentally, one of his co-workers in the mailroom was Elliot Roberts who would later become his business partner.

Despite living under the storm cloud of a life-threatening illness, Geffen continued working as Vice-Chairman of Warner Brothers film studios, as well as teaching business studies at Yale University, before retiring in Upon discovering that the earlier diagnosis was indeed erroneous, Geffen decided to return to work in the music industry and set up Geffen Records.

Records, to create Geffen Records. When David Geffen finally stepped down in , he formed a business partnership with Jeffrey Katzenberg, and Steven Spielberg to form DreamWorks SKG which today is a multi-billion multimedia empire dealing in movies, TV, books and music, with Geffen Records acting as sole distributor for all releases on the subsidiary DreamWorks Records label.

And although Geffen continued to exist as its own imprint, it was dramatically reduced in both size and stature and DGC ceased all operations entirely. He is also the co-founder of the First World Music record label. Greg was born in France on 3 January, , but relocated to the US with his family while still a toddler and grew up in the Seattle area.

When his buddy Duff announced he was striking out to make a name for himself in Los Angeles, Greg decided to tag along. When Duff became temporarily involved with Road Crew, Greg By , despite having been neutered by its corporate UMG master, Geffen continued to prove itself a shrewd operator within the music business. So much so in fact that by , UMG had incorporated MCA Records into Geffen, and although Geffen had always been regarded within the industry as a pop-rock label, its assimilation of MCA provided it with a more diverse roster.

It was around this time that DreamWorks Records folded and was also absorbed by Geffen.

Guns N’ Roses’ big-money reunion

And although Greg continues to collaborate with a wide variety of artists, including Steve Fisk, Doghead and Radio Chongqing, he will surely always be known as the drummer who could have been. None of which has been done for better or worse… only for the sake of something to do. We do what we want. And little could the puppet gen- sitting pretty in the Top 5 of the Billboard Goldstein, who started out as a humble security guard, was brought in to assist Alan Niven in managing the Gunners with duties no more taxing than wet-nursing the individual band members, and overseeing the occasional trip to rehab.

In a press release, which bordered on the ridiculous, Goldstein firstly apologised to the fans for yet another delay to the Chinese Democracy album, before going on to admit culpability for having — in his words —jumped the gun in arranging the European tour in order to promote said album, which Axl later admitted to only having found out about whilst perusing the internet.

The Greatest Hits album was released with little or no fanfare on 15 March, Sanctuary managed to persuade Interscope to hold back on the idea by dangling the Chinese Democracy carrot and insisting it would be in the shops in time for the Christmas market. When Christmas came and went with no sign of the finished record, however, Interscope finally lost patience and in February, wrote to inform Axl that the company was no longer prepared to continue funding Chinese Democracy, and that it was now his obligation to fund and complete the project.

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She also fed them, washed their clothes, booked their shows, and touted the band to record companies. Needless to say, the band viewed things somewhat differently and initially refused to even acknowledge her existence — let alone her contribution. After the release of Appetite For Destruction, however, and with Vicky no longer around, Axl chose to paint a very different picture.

It was Duff, being the outsider, so to speak, and eager to make an impression, who was responsible for booking the mini tour, which consisted of several dates across three states: California, Oregon and his home state, Washington. But she never managed the band, we — Slash, Izzy, Steven, Duff and me — we managed the band.

The Gunners, however, refused to be downhearted by their inauspicious start, and it is a measure of their new-found tenacity that they were able to slap the face of adversity and fulfil their outstanding commitments with subsequent shows in Portland, and Eugene, Oregon, for which they received payment in beer and burgers. Doug Goldstein responded by informing the L. Daily News that Axl and Izzy both venomously denied Weber had any involvement in either song — one of which was apparently written before Axl and Weber had even met.

Weber, however, was supposedly in possession of a video tape of Hollywood Rose performing the song, and had sent a copy to Axl.