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Peter Cameron. Eaton, F. Martin Jacoby. Sidney Olliff. David Sharp. John Murray, London. According to Sharp : 61 , the printing was done in but the work was not available for purchase until 2 March By John Whitehead.

With coloured plates and original illustrations. Gurney and Jackson, London. Zweyter Theil. Mit zwey Kupfertafeln. The entire work was issued in two volumes, —, continuously paginated.

The Coleoptera are on pages — of the second volume. Mit naturgetreuen Zeichnungen im Text. Creutz, Magdeburg. Monographie des lamelli-antennes. Landriot, Clermont. Thibaud-Landriot, Clermont-Ferrand.

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Despite the date on the title page, this work may have been published late or early Rassegna delle specie della famiglia dei Milabridi Bruchidi degli autori viventi in Europa e regioni finitime. Virzi, Palermo. This work was issued, with separate pagination, in Il Naturalista Siciliano 5 [10]: 1—? Catalogo dei coleotteri del Piemonte. Camilla e Bertolero, Torino.

This work was also issued in Annali della R. A few new taxa are described in this work. Avec 34 planches en lithographie hors texte et 44 figures dans le texte. Ersten Bandes zweyte Abtheilung. Mit einer Kupfertafel. Siegfried Leberecht Crusius, Leipzig. Mit Kupfern. The entire work was issued in two Bande , each consisting of two Abtheilungen , — The Coleoptera are on pages — of the second Abtheilung of the first Band. Mit drey illuminirten Kupfertafeln. Gaedike and Smetana : and Evenhuis a : 73 listed the publication date of this part as I have found no indication to corroborate this date.

Hagen : 36 , Horn and Schenkling a : 55 , Sherborn a : xxii and Nissen : 36 dated this part Mit illuminirten Kupfertafeln. Evenhuis a : 73 dated this part but the title page on the copy in BHL is dated I have seen an advertisement in the 2 March issue of Intelligenzblatt der Allgemeinen Literatur-Zeitung stating that the book will be presented at the Leipzig Easter Book Fairs, which was held in on 5 May Evenhuis a : 4.

Dritter Theil. Dritte und letzte Abtheilung. This entire work was published in three Theilen.

The Coleoptera are in the first pp. Two new species, Bostrichus pinastri Bechstein p.

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In drey Theilen. Mit xiii fein illuminirten Quartkupfern von J. Sturm gezeichnet und gestochen. Mit vier illuminirten Kupfertafeln. Hennings, Gotha.

Vierter Theil. Zweyter Band.

Desberger [ q. The Coleoptera are on pages 69—93, — and — One new species of beetle, Bostrichus abietiperda p.

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Sein Gutsgebiet und das Land im weiteren Umkreise. Bearbeitet von Dr. Alexander Bittner. Flora des Gebietes. Fauna des Gebietes. Unter Mitwirkung von D r. Becher, D r. Brauer, L. Ganglbauer, Fr.

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Kohl, C. Koelbel, D r.

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Latzel, D r. Loew, J. Mann, D r. Mayr, J. Mik und A. Rogenhofer zusammengestellt von D r. Mit 5 Karten, 11 Tafeln und 37 Illustrationen im Texte. The entire work consists of three volumes, — Wolff, Augsburg. This work was published anonymously. It includes the descriptions of 40 new species of beetles pp. The Coleoptera are on pages 89— A second edition was issued in in Frankfurt and Leipzig n. Hagen : 37 mentioned that a new, improved edition by S.