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In addition, MCC guards are supposed to check on inmates in the special housing unit every 30 minutes, but failed to do so on Friday night. In an apparent cover-up attempt, they falsified records to hide their mistake. A prison official who spoke with the Times said that the two guards who were on duty on Friday night were both working overtime, and one was working his fifth consecutive overtime shift. According to the New York Times , one of the guards on watch when Epstein hanged himself was a substitute.

At the time of [that] attempt, he shared a cell with Nicholas Tartaglione, a former police officer charged with kidnapping and murdering four people in It seems likely that there will be some congressional inquiries into the matter. According to former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti , the criminal case against Epstein dies with him:. Brown :. Another woman, Nadia Marcinkova, who is now a commercial pilot, was accused of sexually abusing some of the underage girls.

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The SDNY ultimately confirmed as much:. But the result of that process is hard to predict, former U. So it could be that we never hear anything more about it. James residence. And Prince Andrew, the royal who allegedly had sex with Epstein victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre, has reportedly retired from public life.

Eva Ford, the mother of victim Courtney Wild, was angry. They had to have cameras on him! It is inexplicable how such a high-profile person on suicide watch could commit suicide without help. There are named and unnamed co-conspirators who still need to be brought to justice. Arazoz, who was not named in the sex-trafficking indictment against Epstein, came forward last month, saying Epstein repeatedly sexually assaulted her when she was 14 and 15 years old, and forcibly raped her in It gives victims of child sexual abuse a chance to file civil cases against alleged abusers for the next year even if the statute of limitations has passed.

Read our roundup of the top theories here. The sordid story contains almost all the hallmarks of stereotypical conspiratorial fodder: child sex trafficking, powerful global political leaders, shadowy private jet flights, billionaires whose wealth cannot be explained. As a tale of corruption, it is so deeply intertwined with our current cultural and political rot that it feels, at times, almost too on-the-nose.

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Fox Business host Lou Dobbs tweeted a reference too , and clintonbodycount began trending on Twitter on Saturday morning — a reference to a debunked conspiracy meme suggesting the Clintons had ordered dozens of people killed. By the early evening, the trending theory had attracted the attention-obsessed president of the United States, who himself retweeted two tweets linking the Clintons to Epstein and his death. Politicians on both sides of the aisle have been expressing their alarm over what happened.

The New York Times reported that two of the banks that did business with the shady financier, Deutsche Bank and JPMorgan, have been going through their records in order to determine what he used his accounts for. Deutsche Bank has already been sharing its Epstein records with authorities, while JPMorgan anticipates being asked to do the same. The Miami Herald spoke with criminal justice professor Christine Tartaro, who has written a book about the issue of suicide behind bars.

She explained that inmates often harm themselves at pretrial facilities jails , where suicide is the leading cause of death. She said that Epstein being put on, and then taken off, suicide watch is not uncommon — nor is an inmate relapsing back into suicidal behavior afterward. Inmate suicide expert Lindsay M. Hayes added that the punitive nature of suicide watch, which is highly restrictive and difficult to endure for inmates, leads many of them to fake feeling better when speaking with their evaluators. In addition, Hayes explained, assessing the suicide risk of inmates is a difficult process, and may have been even more challenging with an atypical inmate like Epstein.

This is a developing story and this post has been updated throughout.

Please check back for more updates. Former Gov. At the same time, Massachusetts Democrats close to Mr. Patrick have started to reach out to prominent party leaders in early nominating states to alert them that he may run, according to one Democrat who has received an inquiry. Rudy Giuliani is considering re-entering the impeachment fray by launching a podcast to provide impeachment analysis of the public hearings in the House of Representatives scheduled for later this week.

Giuliani was overheard discussing the plans with an unidentified woman while at a crowded New York City restaurant, Sant Ambroeus, over lunch on Saturday. The conversation, which lasted more than an hour, touched on details including dates for recording and releasing the podcast, settling on a logo, and the process of uploading the podcast to iTunes and other podcast distributors. The people asked not to be identified and provided the audio recording on the condition that it not be published. Protesters began disrupting transit as early as 7 a.

The protester was in a critical condition on Monday morning, but by the afternoon, police said there was no immediate threat to his life. The shooting sparked public outrage, escalating what had already looked to be a long day of demonstrations. The FBI is taking part in the investigation into an attack that left nine people dead last week in Mexico near the US border. The victims were dual citizens of Mexico and the United States.

In a statement Sunday, Mexico reiterated its commitment to investigate the facts to ensure justice to the affected families. He won reelection in with 53 percent of the vote over Democrat Liuba Grechen Shirley. China was never an easy place for tourists, but lately just about everything seems to have gone square-shaped—as in the payment-app QR code needed to unlock much of the Middle Kingdom. Even beggars are asking for money via QR code.

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Quaglio compared the language used in Friends to that of natural conversation and found that they were fairly similar. Quaglio , and Bubel , who worked on Sex and the City , concluded that features such as discourse markers, hesitations, pauses, etc. The dialogues in TV series at least in those included in the corpus under scrutiny are a mix of what the writers believe to be authentic Quaglio and some improvisation by the actors.

However, as far as I know, no study has focused so far on the comparison of the metaphors for taboo topics in TV series and those in naturally occurring conversation. I then considered creating another corpus to compare it to, but constituting such a corpus would have been particularly time-consuming, especially if it was to be specific to taboo topics. I thus decided to compare my findings to those of previous studies on taboo topics, although those studies only focus on one particular taboo topic at a time.

The main objective was to compare the source domains used to conceptualize the three taboo topics under scrutiny. I did not compare frequencies as all studies do not mention them. The main two works I relied on are Semino et al. They both used the MIP to identify the metaphors in their corpora and added a few modifications that I also added in my method, as mentioned earlier. As far as I know, it is the largest corpus-based study that has ever been conducted on sex metaphors.

He did not conduct a thorough quantitative study but a qualitative one on a rather small corpus.

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He did however add an appendix to his book, which allowed me to conclude that he had a total of metaphorical occurrences, classified as follows:. Source domain for sex CP When the source domain is found in both corpora, the background is light grey and the numbers he and I found are on the same line. On the other hand, when the source domain is only found in one corpus, the background is white and there is no link between the right and the left columns.

Secondly, 8 source domains were found in both corpora; 5 appeared only in the TV series corpus, while 10 appeared only in the CF corpus. This difference can partly be accounted for by the fact that the CF corpus is larger than the TV series corpus. The number of metaphors deriving from the same source domain found in both corpora varies but this can also be accounted for by the fact that both corpora are rather small and occurrences, respectively. Firstly, the metaphorical expressions in the corpus ensue from a large number of conceptual source domains, which is also the case in naturally occurring conversation.

The majority of the productive source domains can be found in both corpora — which tends to show that there is a correlation between the source domains which are resorted to in naturally occurring conversation and in TV series dialogue. The multiplication of smaller source domains in both corpora tends to show that a significant number of source domains can be used to conceptualize sex, and that the conceptual metaphors for sex can be very innovative.

Therefore, the metaphors found in TV series might be called representative of those found in natural conversation as it shows that when it comes to conceptualizing sex , a few source domains are favored, but many less productive domains may be used. Resorting to different source domains allows different kinds of conceptualizations of sex as different characteristics are projected onto the target domain.

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The conceptualizations are completely different in these two examples:. The multiplicity of source domains is a specificity of sex metaphors as compared to other taboo domains. However, there are also some major differences between the metaphors in the TV series corpus and those in the CP corpus.

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However, in the TV series corpus, a lot of metaphors are novel metaphors or semi-lexicalized metaphors the lexical units are not usually used metaphorically, but the source domain used is often resorted to in order to conceptualize sex. Consider the following example, in which the characters have a conversation about the first time they had sexual intercourse:.

Look, have you been to the Empire State Building? People buy tickets to get to the top.

Death during consensual sex

This metaphor is largely context-dependent as the characters are literally visiting the Empire State Building in the TV series when they have this conversation. This is the case in a lot of occurrences in the TV series corpus, but scarcely in the CF corpus. In this respect, the metaphors in the TV series corpus are not representative of the metaphors in naturally occurring conversation. Furthermore, there is a significant amount of extended metaphors in the TV series corpus such as the example mentioned above , which is not the case in the CF corpus.

These metaphors often structure an entire scene or an entire episode, especially in Sex and the City. Consider the following example, which was taken from an episode in which Carrie, the main character, is dating a Yankee; the entire episode SATC 2x01 is structured thanks to the sex is baseball metaphor:. Ten years playing in New York. Countless dates. Five real relationships. One serious. All ending in break-ups. Although the date when they first started working on the corpus is not specified on the website, it was probably before as that was the year they published the first paper related to this project.

Table 4: disease metaphors Semino et al. Table 5: Comparison of disease metaphors in the TV series corpus and in the Lancaster I also left aside the domains restraint , openness , and obstacles , as the occurrences they mentioned are all related to the feelings of the patients and not directly to their diseases.

Jeffrey Epstein Death: Seven Critical Questions From Prison Insiders That Need To Be Answered

These are the two conceptual domains that are usually mentioned in all the studies on the subject, which tends to confirm that they are the most widely used conceptual domains in naturally occurring conversation. The distribution of the metaphorical expressions according to the source domain in the TV series corpus is not representative of the distribution of the metaphorical expressions according to the source domain in the Lancaster corpus. There can be several explanations for this: firstly, Semino et al. Cancer is a very long illness and is usually treated over months if not years, which can explain the higher proportion of journey metaphors in the Lancaster corpus.