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The three stars are for both of them. Shirley is said to be about his sister Emily and I am willing to believe it. Though the story is fictional, Shirley is probably exactly as Charlotte knew her, and Caroline is probably a lot like Charlotte saw herself. The characters are endearing, although we don't develop as close a bond to any of them as in Jane Eyre or Villette. However, the introduction is long, the main body is very long, but the conclusion feels like Charlotte was tired of writing that story so she just summarized the ending.

Her endings usually leave you wanting more details - it was also the case of her masterpieces Jane Eyre and Villette - but Shirley's is the only one I think feels "sloppy". Am I the only one who really wants to know what happened to Mr Malone? In fact, it looks like a first version of Villette with a happy ending - when Charlotte still had her illusions.


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It probably cannot compare to Jane Eyre or Villette in terms of quality, but hey, let's remember this was her very first novel; if MY first novel was this good I would be ecstatic. Jun 17, Deodand rated it it was amazing Shelves: europe , fiction. I borrowed this volume from the library to read "Shirley", having been warned not to read "The Professor", so my review is for the first novel only.

The more of the Bronte sisters' work I read, the more of a crying shame it seems that they died so young, that they wasted their lives in an idleness that they disagreed with. Charlotte in particular was far too excellent an author for her time. In "Shirley" she is just beginning to get a high shine on her prose. She would've needed one m I borrowed this volume from the library to read "Shirley", having been warned not to read "The Professor", so my review is for the first novel only.

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She would've needed one more novel to work on dialogue and tighten plotlines - then she could have been counted among five or so of the greatest novelists ever. Would have, should have. She died shortly after finishing "Shirley".

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I love Charlotte's character sketches. She must have been the keenest observer around. I believe that all her sketches are taken from life because they have great depth. Shelves: attempted-but-couldnt-get-through. Skimming ahead, I saw tons of French that had no translation, so I didn't even try to tackle the rest. I may try to at a later date, but, until I find a version with the French translated or until I learn the language, I won't even bother.

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This goes for all of C. Bronte's books; the last one I read was chock full of French! And it's too bad because I wanted to read this and generally find I enjoy her stories. Dec 17, Sheri-lee rated it liked it. Two stories. Both liked. I think it would make a lovely movie in the line of 'Pride and Prejudice'. There's some good banter. A lot of the chapters could have been so titled, but ironically this actual chapter did make progress. Mar 17, Eliana rated it liked it. The professor is ovbiusly the description of Charlotte's impossible love for ine of her teachers.

The way she describes him and his virtues and his character She sees him as a perfect man.. Even sometimes it seems he sees himself as a perfect man in comparison to her or to other characters It wasn't at all bad but it wasn't my favourite book either I have to read Shirley. My four-star rating applies mainly to Shirley ; The Professor would only merit three stars, in my opinion. I loved both of the female protagonists, and I think that Shirley and Caroline would have made a lovely couple. Feb 25, Alexa Adams rated it really liked it.

Kimberly rated it really liked it Nov 05, Louise Etienne rated it it was amazing May 01, Deana rated it liked it Jun 02, Leanne Booksandbabble rated it really liked it Feb 18, Kirsty rated it it was amazing Oct 05, Ellie Red rated it it was amazing Apr 03, Aayesha Khatri rated it really liked it May 25, N rated it it was amazing Jan 08, April rated it really liked it Aug 31, Betsy Boyd-Flynn rated it really liked it Feb 18, Ida Auclond rated it liked it Sep 09, Sophie rated it really liked it Mar 26, Lexi rated it it was amazing Aug 21, Mia rated it liked it Jan 31, Erin Mayfield rated it liked it Oct 16, Natalia rated it it was ok Apr 19, Fareeha rated it it was ok Jul 04, Theresa rated it liked it May 24, Readers also enjoyed.

In April the family moved a few miles to Haworth, a remote town on the Yorkshire moors, where Patrick had been appointed Perpetual Curate. The school was a horrific experience for the girls and conditions were appalling. They were regularly deprived of food, beaten by teachers and humiliated for the slightest error. The school was unheated and the pupils slept two to a bed for warmth. Following the tragedy, their father withdrew his daughters from the school. At home in Haworth Parsonage, Charlotte and the other surviving children — Branwell, Emily, and Anne — continued their ad-hoc education.

In her father returned home with a box of toy soldiers for Branwell. They would prove the catalyst for the sisters' extraordinary creative development as they immediately set to creating lives and characters for the soldiers, inventing a world for them which the siblings called 'Angria'. The siblings became addicted to writing, creating stories, poetry and plays.

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The highest stimulus, as well as the liveliest pleasure we had known from childhood upwards, lay in attempts at literary composition. During this period , she wrote her novella The Green Dwarf under the name of Wellesley. The school was extremely small with only ten pupils meaning the top floor was completely unused and believed to be supposedly haunted by the ghost of a young lady dressed in silk.

Charlotte became pregnant soon after her wedding, but her health declined rapidly and, according to biographer Elizabeth Gaskell, she was attacked by "sensations of perpetual nausea and ever-recurring faintness. There is in them some untamed ferocity perpetually at war with the accepted order of things. Read An Excerpt. Hardcover —. Add to Cart. Also by Charlotte Bronte.

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