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Think Win-Win mentality —Try to solve problems and conflict with solutions that let both parties win. Well, you get the idea. Please take the time to read the rest of Mr. Now for my comments. The book is peppered with stories and cartoons with messages which keep it entertaining, especially for teens. Many of the habits have exercises encouraging self-reflection and ultimately, learning new healthy habits.

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One thing I particularly like about the book is the 50 reasons for teens not to be sexually active. If you read nothing else, read this section. Covey has obviously given this a lot of thought…50 reasons! Finally, I think that the book could provide a jumping-off point for conversation between teen and parent.

I think some of the exercises e. I think the author believes that teens with serious depression, eating disorders, and drug problems can simply learn the habits and solve their life problems. Mental illness is not something that the 7 habits will cure. Despite being a little choppy in presentation, I think the book could be useful for many teens and their families.

I actually think it might be more useful for parents to read than teens. I think a parent who reads the book may be able to help his or her children form effective habits. I also think that the book may help parents of children with low motivation. Overall, I give the book 3. I would love to hear your perspective on the book. As always, thanks, and I look forward to you joining me again in the future. This is Dr. Paul Smolen hoping you are able to raise a keen teen. Until next time. You probably know why teens have drugs Its all because of depression from my own point of view depression comes from: 1-Failure And no help in getting back up 2-Family problems 3-Having no friends lonlyness If i was rating the book i would give it 4.

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Paul Smolen has been a practicing pediatrician in Charlotte, N. To learn more about Dr.

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Smolen, click here. Our mission is to stimulate and empower parents with interesting conversations about a wide variety of pediatric topics. To read the complete Mission Statement, click here. Many concepts that are now accepted wisdom, such as beginning with the end in mind, having an abundance mindset, or using the urgent-important matrix, originated from the 7 Habits principles.

Through this signature programme, we help our students to master personal and inter-personal effectiveness strategies in order to be able to achieve their goals, nurture healthy and meaningful relationships, and also renew themselves and continue learning and improving. Copyright Juying Secondary School.

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