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And if so how do they not get in trouble for it? This is also how we almost had the Trillion Dollar Coin during the debt ceiling crisis. Different laws for issuing more coins versus paper money.

I wish I could travel back in time to the 1st grade, and tell the teacher who said I was breaking the law by rubbing a penny on the cement that she was wrong. This is counter intuitive for me. If they have silver and I destroy my claim to that silver, aren't they coming out ahead? Is the law actually to protect me and not their own interests? Is it bad that I think this is counter intuitive? Can i still redeem silver if i have one of those old notes? If I have one of those original bills, could I redeem it for real silver??

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That's an year-old bill with only minor changes on the front and identical on the back. Thanks for sharing! Another thing to add to this is that if you have a severely destroyed bill you can send it into the government and they'll send you a new one. This is very common for bills that have been burned or ripped up. Another cool thing you can do with coins is make jewelry out of them.

Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Explanations and detailed illustrations of the negative effets of tobacco use on periodontal and implant therapy are especially valuable. An appendix explains the benefits of cessation and offers s[ Perry, Harold T. Understanding Orthodontics Geared to the younger orthodontic patient, this patienteducation book explains the ins and outs of orthodontictreatment, from What is a bad bite?

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Clearlanguage, vivid metaphors, and lavish color illustrationsanswer patients' often-complex questions. For use chairsidein the reception area. Do you guarantee your work? Do you treat AIDS patients? How long can this treatment wait?

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Ribon Wright describes how to turn a challenging conversation into a chance to build patient satisfaction with your dental practice. Based on research with U. What Your Dentist Does to Keep the Dental Office Safe Simple illustrations and explanations clairify infection control concepts and procedures for your patients. What are universial precautions? Why does the dental team wear masks, gloves, gowns, and shields?

Make sure your patients understand the lengths you go to to provide safe dental treatment. Why replace a missing back tooth? The prospect of losing teeth one by one because of nonreplacement after extraction will convince your patients that the dreadful cycle of tilt and drift, gum pockets, and decay must never be allowed to begin. This hardcover edition will stand up to plenty of use in your reception area. Gibilisco, Joseph A. Orofacial pain understanding temporomandibular TMJ disorders Written by experts who have long been involved with clinical research and with the trestment of TMD and orofacial pain, this book provides patients with muchneeded information and guidance simply and clearly.

Patients will learn the possible origins of their pain and the options for treatment and management. Why Root Canal Therapy This booklet takes the mystery out of a complex endodontic procedure. It explains how pulp infection can cause a periapical abscess if not treated - exactly why root canal therapy is necessary.

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Clearly detailed steps show how you can save the tooth and why it is so often necessary to follow up with full crown coverage. Several pages are devoted to answering commonly asked questions. Substantially reduce chairtime you spend on explanaions by using this guide. Moss, Stephen J. Growing Up Cavity Free A Parent's Guide to Prevention Seeking to overturn the myth that dental disease is inevitable, this book offers expert advice on raising children with healthy teeth. With focus on prevention, the book addresses a host of issues relating to children of different ages from infant teething to orthodontic for adolescents.

Taylor, Thomas D. Answer your patients' questions about dental implants simply by using this easy-to-follow, full-color booklet.

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Let this booklet speak for you and respond to common patient concerns: What are implants? Who are they for? How are they placed in the mouth? What is teh best way to take care of them? Was ist eine Wurzelkanalbehandlung? Die "Wurzelkanalbehandlung" macht den komplexen endodontischen Behandlungsablauf transparent. Was sind Parodontalerkrankungen? Have you forgotten your password? Shopping Cart empty Search: Books. Subjects: Patient Education 53 Hits.

Auflage Title-No. European Association for Osseoi Antworten auf Ihre Fragen zu Zahnimplantaten 1. The answers to your questions about dental implants 1st Edition Title-No. Zahnmaus und Zahnfee 1. Auflage Title out of print.